Over the last decade, Inbound Marketing has transformed the way that millions of companies around the world do business, helping companies acquire and build lasting relationships with customers while optimising their ROI and lowering costs.

To discover how the ecommerce industry is approaching marketing in 2015, HubSpot surveyed over a thousand ecommerce marketers in 45 countries on six continents spanning all business sizes and industries to ask them about their methodologies and results.

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  • What tactics are most used by successful ecommerce marketers
  • Which marketing channels drive the most ROI
  • How marketers are using email to grow sales
  • How customer-centric economics are impacting growth
  • What kinds of personalisation drive the most revenue
  • Which kinds of content influence the most sales
  • … and more!

Some of the results are very encouraging, some of the results show a bleak picture of an industry at risk of being left behind by the modern age. After blazing the initial trail in monetising an online presence, ecommerce marketing has stagnated into an endless cycle of coupon-spamming and obsessing over SEO and Email tactics that died out years ago.

Download this report now to see what other marketers are doing and what is (and what isn’t) driving results.