Inbound Marketing for Education

Whether you are a for-profit vocational/technical school, a professional studies program, or a non-profit program, learn how HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Solution can help you to effectively use your website to engage and recruit students.

HubSpot’s inbound marketing solution enables you to leverage your website to attract more qualified traffic and inquiries for your admissions team in order to achieve your enrollment goals.

HubSpot combines software, methodology, and expertise to deliver a simple and integrated solution to turn your website into an inquiry generating tool.

  • Get Found by potential students searching for your programs
  • Convert your website visitors into inquiries and matriculated students
  • Analyse your entire prospect funnel and outreach efforts to optimise the efficiency of your marketing mix and increase the number of inquiries at a lower cost

What is the value of an inquiry?

A lead is an inquiry: an individual who expresses interest in attending your school or donating funds.

Your website can be a powerful magnet attracting and generating inquiries for your admissions team.

Calculate the value of a lead by considering the value and conversion rate of matriculated students.

Value of Student = Average Years Student is Enrolled x (Cost of Attendance – Average Discount) Value of Applicant (Inquiry) = Value of Student x Conversion Rate of Applicants Enrolling as Students

Inbound Marketing for Education Ebook

Is your school still sending postcards to attract potential students? Does digital advertising translate to your marketing department as “run banner ads?” Are you still hesitant to press “post” on your school’s Facebook Page?

If you answered yes to any of these, then this Inbound Marketing for Education Ebook is for you! Bringing your marketing and admissions efforts into the digital age doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and there are several simple steps you can use to get started. In this ebook, we cover:

  • Learning more about your current and prospective students with big data and web analytics
  • Attracting students to your website through both paid and organic tactics
  • Engaging current and prospective students with content, social media, and video storytelling

All with real-life examples to illustrate each of the 7 tactics we discuss!


Who’s using Inbound Marketing for Education?

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